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Genuine sheepskin pad with all the eight (8) shims, in excellent used condition; meaning there are no flaws and its ready to got to the show! Fits up to an 18" saddle. Brand new this pad sells for $159.95.


Further manufacturer's description:

The Circuit™ Sheepskin Correction Half Pad offers all the great features of the original half pad, plus pockets for shims and a full set of shims, to help you adjust saddle fit. Shims, also called inserts, help address minor saddle fitting issues. They slip into the pockets of the pad, as needed to change the way the saddle fits on your horse. With the assistance and recommendation of a qualified saddle fitter, shims can help adjust the fit of a saddle on an asymmetrical horse or help fit a saddle that may sit a little low or may be slightly too big. Shims or inserts will not help the fit of a saddle that is too tight, and in fact can make the tight fit worse.

Made of pure sheepskin, this correction pad is contoured to fit your horse’s back comfortably. The dense sheepskin offers cushioning, relieves pressure points, reduces friction and naturally helps wick away moisture and dissipate heat. Openings at the spine allows inserts to be placed. The anatomical shape and hook-and-loop billet straps keep it securely in place. A great correction half pad at a hard to beat price! Includes a total of eight shims/inserts, all 8mm thick; four for the front and four for the rear. 

If you would like help concerning shims/inserts and correction pads, customer service representative and retail associates are trained and eager to help.

Remove inserts, machine wash cold; air dry.
All-purpose, 20"L


Consignment item.

Circuit™ Sheepskin Correction Half Pad Black A/P

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