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We designed, and manufacture this leash. A genuine USA made product! The leash features a durable clip that ensures a strong connection to your pet’s collar or harness. The leash fits easily in your hand when not stretched at an approximate six inches fully retracted, yet amazingly expands to a full six-foot length.

SlinkyLeash is perfect for adventurous animals and humans; the rebounding material allows for you to not worry about regathering the leash every time your pet comes back from exploring. For moments where you are allowed to take your companion off their leash, you can clip Slinkyleash to your belt loop, and not have a tripping hazard, or the bulk and weight of a retractable plastic cartridge.

We also found horse owners were enjoying hand grazing their horses with Slinkyleash due to the lead staying up and out of the way of a hoof and potentially getting dangerously tangled. Cats found it to be light, and unrestrictive. And the shorter breed dogs were finally not getting those cute tiny legs all wound up. For instance; Corgis, Daschunds, etc.

SlinkyLeash has an amazing strength! It has pulled vehicles as large a 1 ton truck in weight! Yet is soft and forgiving on your pets neck, and your hands.

There are twelve color combinations already made and availble for immediate purchase. However, if you see certain coil or handle that you want us to pair together just for you, we will, all you have to do is reach out to us.  


SlinkyLeash Pet Leash

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