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The historic VHS 2 tape set features the late world's well-known horseman Dr. Alan Raun and his protege Liz Kinney. This VHS tape set is in excellent condition. 


From an article in Saddle Horse Report the featured Liz Kinney as a protege of Dr Alan Raun:

"Liz Kinney was another young trainer who got her start at Reedannland, serving two stints there. She tells us, “About 25 years ago I was hired to train a string of 11 head of horses and ponies at Reedannland. No grooms to help, just me. Because Dr. Raun’s time was split between managing the extensive breeding operation and training his own string, I was left pretty much to my own devices. Out of necessity I learned to train unbroke colts to stand still while I mounted or hitched them to the cart for their first time. It was a lot of work for one person, but I was determined to prove myself. “What I relished most was our drive time to and from horse shows. Away from phones and distractions was when Dr. Raun and I had time to share ‘learning moments’ from our own training and show experiences. Our discussions often expanded into more serious thoughts on how to improve the perception of American Saddlebreds and ways to de-mystify the training process. During one such truck talk we decided to make simple and straightforward videos for amateurs wanting to train their own horses. In a distant time long before YouTube or RFDTV, we produced two step-by-step videos demonstrating the basics of Saddlebred training. The first video demonstrated the use of training devices and the second video showed the steps involved in gaiting a horse."


This is a two video set that demonstrates the use of training aids, not the step by step guide for gaiting a horse(sold separately).


Training Aids Clinic Featuring Dr. Alan Raun & Liz Kinney VHS SET

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